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Check this link out for the cheapest price so far on UT2004 Special DVD Edition.

Pre order here:

The DVD edition will be sporting 2 DVD's, special Logitech headset (which supports the new battle talk mode or something), Sticker (Woot!) and 150 hours of tutorials! This is the EB promo and is expected to not be up for much longer.

The regular edition has 8 CD's!! Thats a butt load of disks.

If anyone plays UT2003 come on by the sHk servers. We have 8 servers with different modes of play to make your day. The servers run very close to UT99 speeds for Low gravity, Giant Map Clan style maps and insta gib shok rifle. We also have a New Weapons mod server which is almost 90% full all the time. Map vote, CTF, Deathmatch, 1v1, TDM all available.

Our forum and clan site located at http://www.shokazulu.com lot's of information and fun. We are a west coast GMC affiliated insta gib clan.

We will have a demo play server for UT2004 up ASAP. So get the Demo when available and come on by for some intense UT play!

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