Scooter Computer (smallberries) wrote in ut2k3,
Scooter Computer

Unreal Tournament community

Cross-posted to ut2k3 and gamers

Howdy folks. I've created a generic unrealtourney community to discuss all things related to any version of UT. Since the moderator of ut2k3 is me, I'm sure he isn't going to mind the fact that I'm attempting to deprecate that community with this one. :) I hope to see all the Live Journal UT fans over there.

Incidentally, could the new onslaught mode in UT2k4 be any more fun!? I highly recommend ya'll download the demo if you haven't already. I wasn't as hot on UT2k3 as I was on the original Unreal Tournament, but I have to say I am damned impressed with Epic/DE's latest offering.
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