djtomservo (djtomservo) wrote in ut2k3,

UT2k4 Model WIP

I meant to have this done for Phase 3 of MSU, but I missed the deadline by about 15 minutes): It will definitely appear in my Machinima entry for phase 4.

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can i just say...


That fucking rules! wish i could do something like that!

did you skin it as well???

you working in any Mod teams???
Yeah i did the geometry and the texture myself, not working with a "mod" team perse, but I'm working with a group of guys who do all machinima, you can peep their stuff at:

Accelerated Pictures

Thanks for the compliment, hang out at 3D Buzz and check out their video tutorials, they can teach you all sorts of modeling and texturing tricks.
kick ass!

got the UT2004SE with all the 3d buzz stuff which is very handy hehe.

that is amazing work, looks retail quality