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come face to face with me

Some more faceMan stuff, I think this is as far as it's going to get, I'm pretty happy with what it does now. Now that I understand somewhat how Impersonator works I've changed my approach to faceMan. Rather than trying to make it a generic facial animation tool, I've decided to make intergrate Impersonator into it and make it an Impersonator pose set creation tool.

Some Screens:

I'm going to show it to Don and Dave tomorrow and see what they think about it, I'm really happy with where the tool is, hopefully they will be too. We may decided to release it to the community if other people think it might be useful. The tool is fully rig independent, it doesn't really care about joint naming, hierarchy, placement, etc, so it should be fairly easy to intergrate into an existing pipeline. What it does do is lock the user into is the actual controls and control names, but those can be used to drive any combination of joints. I'm pretty confident the controls I've included in the tool cover all the bases.

. . .counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums. . .still

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